Beginners Guide to Crystals

As humans, we are constantly moving- shifting, stressing, eating, laughing, loving, even our very smallest cells vibrate constantly as they reproduce. So often we don’t pay attention to those vibrations, or acknowledge the very energy that keeps us alive and connects us to the world.

Even the smallest shifts in energy can make us feel a bit off, or on the flip side, ready to conquer the world, and that makes us human. So, how exactly do you go about paying attention to those little things, the shifts that so often we can ignore?

One my favourite tools, along with meditation, is a collection of crystals. Who’d have thought that something so small and so beautiful could facilitate such introspection?

There are so many different crystals and so many different gemstones and each has its own specific properties. So, if you’re new to the practice of healing through crystals, starting out can be daunting! This a little ‘intro to crystals 101’ if you may, some tips on choosing and caring for your stones, and the five crystals that every crystal lover should have in their arsenal!

The Basics:

What Makes Crystals Special?

Each different type of stone vibrates at set frequency- this is why watch makers can literally tell time by regulating their clocks with quartz crystals! In crystal healing, we use different stones and their corresponding vibrations to open and access different parts of the body, mind, and spirit. Over millennia of use, communities of intuitives have discovered which stones work best for what.

How to Choose a Crystal

Choosing a crystal is all about feeling. At first you may just feel that for some reason you like one stone over another- listen to that! As you become more aware of yourself and what you feel certain stones will call to you. Can’t decide? Choose two stones that jump out at you, and walk around the store with them in your hands, as you shift your focus to other things, place one stone back. The one you’re still holding without thinking is yours!

Raw Versus Tumbled Crystals

You’ll notice that crystals have many different forms. You can find raw (meaning that the crystal has been left in the state in which it was discovered) and tumbled (smoothed) crystals. Both retain the same properties but each has a different feel. Generally speaking I gravitate toward raw crystals because I like the roughness in my hands, but tumbled crystals are oftentimes much more portable and can be held easier!

Five Fundamental Crystals


There are SO many different variations of quartz, but the image of a clear quartz point is fairly synonymous with the idea of ‘crystal’ in many people’s minds. As basic as quartz might look, it is anything but. It is a powerful healer with a incredibly high vibration. It is known as an energy amplifier- it helps everything around it to seem clearer, helping with concentration and memory, and reducing distraction. This is perfect to have present in your workspace!

Rose Quartz

A variation of the traditional clear quartz, the pink rose quartz is the stone of love, both of others and yourself! Rose quartz is used to attract love and relationships towards you, and also gently removes bad or negative energy and replaces it in your life with the positivity that love can bring. It is wonderful for healing emotional distress, especially heartache. Rose quartz is often placed on the heart chakra, making it a wonderful stone for a necklace!


Hematite, a black/reddish stone with a silver sheen, is known for its incredible grounding properties. The prefix hema- comes from the ancient Greek word for blood and the iron within. When you have those days when you feel like your head is in the clouds, hematite can ground you, allowing you to connect with yourself and the earth. It can settle your energy and anxiety- I often travel with a piece of hematite in my pocket.


Varying in shades from light lavender to deep purple and another type of quartz crystal, Amethyst is a very common crystal with an incredibly powerful energy. It is a stone of psychic protection with a strong connection to the spiritual side of each of us, thus why it is used for emotional and spiritual healing. It’s name in ancient Greek meant non-drunk (sober), and Greeks would make drinking cups out of the stone in thoughts that it would help prevent inebriation! In a more conventional use, it can steady the mind and energy and keep bad thoughts away, and is especially great for those dealing with addiction. Amethyst is my favourite crystal!


Fluorite is a stone of many colours- it ranges from clear to green, blue, brown, purple, and yellow. I’m most drawn to the green shade! Fluorite is a stone of protection, and can also be used to cleanse and stabilize energy. Green fluorite in particular is known for its abilities to cleanse the mind, bringing negative thoughts out of the subconscious and processing them!

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