Serenity Retreat, Mens Waxing




We offer waxing, massage and holistic treatments tailored for today’s modern man who cares about his body and appearance.

gentlemen's waxing

Discover the art of body defining with our bespoke male waxing treatments. For a modern man who does not want to walk into a busy women’s orientated beauty salon and wait for your appointment, Serenity Retreat offers you complete privacy and total discretion. 


We offer no more awkward or embarrassing moments for you.


We provide the highest standard of waxing and hygiene using high-quality waxes to meet your body’s needs. We are experts in providing all facial, upper & lower body and intimate waxing for men.


Serenity Retreat only uses hot wax for intimate areas on your

body to ensure that you are provided with a unique experience.


Serenity Retreat, Mens Intimate Waxing

Gentlemen's Intimate Waxing

The Rower - Buttocks Only

Mountaineer - Buttocks & Butt Crack

Footballer - Scrotum, Penis and Pubic Triangle or the Pubic Triangle can be left shaped (nothing at back).

Iron Man - Scrotum, Penis and Pubic Triangle (or shaped), Buttocks & Butt Crack

£ 39.00​
£ 50.00​
£ 34.00​

Gentlemen’s Facial Waxing

Eyebrows or Ears or Nose

Eyebrows, Ears & Nose

£ 14.00
£ 30.00​

Gentlemen's Lower Body Waxing


Feet & Toes 

Full arms including hands

Lower legs including knees & feet 

Full legs and feet

£ 15.00​
£ 15.00​
£ 30.00​
£ 35.00​
£ 45.00​

Gentlemen's Upper Body Waxing




Abdomen and Chest

Upper back & shoulders 

Fullback & shoulders

Small of back (triangle) only


Full arms including elbows & hands

Upper arms

Full Back, Shoulders, Abdomen, chest, Arms & Hands

£ 22.00​
£ 22.00​
£ 22.00​
£ 38.00​
£ 32.00​
£ 38.00​
£ 20.00​
£ 16.00​
£ 37.00​
£ 25.00​
£ 110.00​

Serenity Retreats Mens Luxury facials offer solutions for all skin types. Our therapist will carry out a consultation to find out the condition of your skin, any problems or concerns you may be experiencing. Your therapist will then create a unique facial that includes cleansing, exfoliation, a mask and a massage to best suit your skin’s condition. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated after being pampered with our luxury facial.


Serenity Mini Add-on Facial whilst having another treatment
£ 65.00​​
Luxury Manicure 
Luxury Pedicure 
£ 35.00
£ 40.00

Here at Serenity Retreat in Folkestone, I can offer bespoke transgender waxing whatever stage you are in at your transition. I am professionally trained in waxing in all body and intimate areas. Serenity Retreat’s studio offers complete privacy and discretion with all appointments on a one to one basis. Free parking on the premises for the duration of your appointment.

If you are part of the LGBT community, please contact me for a totally bespoke waxing service tailored to your exact requirements. Prices Range from £10.00 to £55.00 depending on the size of area and hair coverage. Let Serenity Retreat bring out the inner God or Goddess in you.


Can’t find what you’re looking for?

If you require waxing to be tailored to you’re own individual needs, please Contact Us with your request, a short description of your requirements and we will respond to your enquiry.